Monday, 29 June 2009

Your Personal Hero

Hello everybody, as you know we will have to be writing about our personal heroes, if you haven´t decided about who you want to write about think about the following things.

*Why do you consider him as a hero.

*Do you have an anecdote you remember about him.

* Remember that something very little can be considered as a heroic act.

After reading this, write a comment telling who your hero is and answering the three remarkable things above.


  1. A very good idea and a nice image!

  2. I think that a hero has to have these things because ifn´t it won´t be a hero but I still can´t think of any one.
    Mateo N.

  3. Hello Aliii!!
    I have picked my hero a long time ago, it's my aunt! She is like a Mother Teresa to me, my family and all the kids in U.S.A... She was born with a defect, she has a problem in her legs that she needs like a "pierna ortopedica" and even that she has that she is a great person and she contributes a lot to the every Comunity Service she finds! My aunt is great, hse does a lot of comunity service even she would need some comunity service. She leaves everything to help others and she is always with a great big smile on her face. She is determined and good hearted, and i and my family are very proud of her. I will answer your questuions now:

    1.I, like i have already mensioned, consider her a GREAT HERO. She does the same things as Mother Teresa, she sacrfises her time to help others she gives everything just to see a smile on the children's face.
    2.I have millions and millions of anecdotes i remember about her, and i have been included in most of them , since everytime i have the opportunity i go to visit her and go everywhere with her!Many anecdotes i have are very funny and good.
    3. I know that something very little makes a difference that is why i chosed my aunt, because many people don't notice what a great effort she does, but i do!

    Well Ali you did a great post and it was very inspring, I LOVED THE FOTOOO AJAJA...
    See you tomorrow
    Good Byeee

  4. Hello Mr Ali (better known as Dr. Dolitttle),

    I think this is an excellent post, I like it.

    Sorry I didn't do much, I have to go.

    Ramiro Sa. 6b

  5. Hello Ali!
    The post is great! All though I think I commented late becauese today we did the heroic story. I had allready thought of it! The ost is excellent and very original! I loove the photo. Rami, you are true, his better known as Doctor Dolittle. Well,
    . I chose my sister called Marta, she is my persoal hero, because she is were I need er, in the ght place at the wite time. In the good things and in the bad things! I love her so much, you ont imgen. First, I wanted to d my mother and he, but them I did her. Because I did my mom in someone special.
    . I remember an anecdote, that were seeing the TV, when she was eating potatoe chips, s I pt my hand to get one and she closed the bag. She didnt wanted to sharre it to me!
    . Yes, it is very important. A heroic act is that she chosed my name, because as my mom wanted Belen and my dad Ana, so they asked my sister and she said Belen.
    I like the post a lot!
    Belu D

  6. Hello Alan, my personal hero is my nanny and her birthay is today!!!
    She is called Milagros, but I call her Mili.
    For me, Mili is my personal hero, because she always says you what bad things you have to change.
    I have an anecdote with my hero. We were in the "Barrio Chino" and we entered a shop. I saw something that I didn´t know what it was and I started touching it. Mili saw what I was doing and she said to me to don´t touch it, because it was very ungly. Then I realized what it was, so I didn´t touch it any more. Now, when I go there I don´t touch it. I don´t tell you what it is, because it is very ungly, jaja.
    It is good to say that, something little can make a difference, with other words.
    Alan your post is great!!!
    Go on like that!!
    OUR blog is great...keep on posting
    ps: we have vacations!!!
    meli b