Saturday, 30 May 2009

Can you guess who I am(HEROES)?

Who Am I?
I Struggled all my life
And I have striked
But what kept me up
Was others rights

Some people tell me I am "BLACK"
But I still think that I am who I  am
All the years I was in prison
Helped as for all people to have the same priority

After all I have fought for
I have achieved my main goal
And I have became president
Do you know who I am?

PS: If you know the answer send it to my mail so other people can guess too!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Mother Teresa

Hi, this is a picture of Mother Teresa.
I got to know some parts of her life by
the story we had to read about heroes.
Did you know that she left the convent
to live with the poor people in Calcutta,
India? She had the biggest heart ever because
she was determined that she would help feed and cure the poor and sick people, specially the children. In addition, she was a very friendly and kind being.After many years she formed a group with other sisters and they began to call her MOTHER Teresa.Well I hope this encourages you to read the story as it encouraged me!
(I had to post for meli because she asked me to but she dictated
me, she coudn't get into the blog for some reasons so I did it for her)

Monday, 25 May 2009


Hello everyone! I have got a great game
of similes. I hope you remember what similes 
are, any way I will refresh your mind. A simile 
is a kind of comparison; Ej: He is as slow as a turtle.
Well I hope you like the first game in our blog!

Friday, 22 May 2009

Hero and celebrity VIDEO!

I'm sorry for posting late,

Here I have a video similar to Miss Ale's blog.

What you have to do is to guess the heroes and celebrities,

and then classify them according to 

 hero or  celebrity!

I hope you like it...

Did you like it??

On Wednesday we had the "25 de mayo" ACT.
How did you feel in the act? Did you like it? Why?
I had a great time and I liked it a lot... 
What about you?

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Welcome to 6B's blog!!!!

Welcome to 6B's super blog!

I hope we can have fun learning by this BLOG!
I think that this blog will be very succesful because all of us can post
and share our ideas (educational ideas).
(Happy birthday Benja)