Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Welcome to 6B's blog!!!!

Welcome to 6B's super blog!

I hope we can have fun learning by this BLOG!
I think that this blog will be very succesful because all of us can post
and share our ideas (educational ideas).
(Happy birthday Benja)


  1. Hello Ramiro, and 6B! Welcome to the world of bloggers, blogs, comments, posts... And coming from someone who LOVES blogging... I wish you all the best and encourage you to move ahead!

    I`ll be around! A big kiss,

    Miss Florence (6threalscience.blogspot.com) ji ji

  2. Hello Ramiro!
    I liked the pictures, and it was a very good idea to strat our blog with the pictures of ALL the persons who are participating on it.
    The picture where really good and i liked all of them, except for mine (becuase i was horrible!!!)
    Great idea.See you tomorrow


  3. Hello Mr Ramiro, sorry I put another post, I was trying something. I saw your post with the photos, they are very nice. you were very creative with your post. You have to be very pleased that you are the first person to post in our blog.jaja. Miss Ale I have a question, can we post a comment in 6a´s or 6c´s blog? I hope you or somebothy answers my question. Miss Ale, I liked your idea of we, (6a, 6b and 6c) having our own blog, it´s fantastic!!!
    Miss Ale, I changed the way of finishing my comments on this very special blog for us. it is going to be like this: OUR blog is great...keep on posting. I know it is not very original but for me it is good.
    ps: Miss Ale thanks for putting me on the third of the KING BLOGERS, and I also liked your idea of we the KING BLOGERS, put the posts firsts.
    meli b

  4. Dear 6B,
    I'm glad to read that you are happy about having your own class blog! Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy reading your comments and posts.
    All the best!

  5. hello bloggers... happy birthday benja.... hahaha.
    I like to have a blog for ourselves... it will be fun..
    alan t.

  6. Miss Ale and Raami, the blog is great. I loved the pictures they are really nice. I am really anxious for my turn because with the help from edu blogs or something like that I got a great idea, and I have written (past participle) down as not to forget it Weellll Byeee and see you on TUESDAY!
    XOXO Delfi

  7. Rami or Ale I realy like this post, I think its a great idea to start the blog, with a good introduction
    Mateo N.

  8. Hello Ramiro,
    For the first post or the last post is wonderful, interesting and is a good intreduction as Mateo said. Congratulaltions Rami for beeing the KING BLOGGER, I also wanted to be but I don't get mad. All comes in the right moment(as my mother said)I wish you the best.
    Happy weekend
    Belu. D

  9. Hello year 6B,
    I couldn't post nor comment yesterday as I had no Internet connection. Fortunately I could contact the technician and he could solve the problem today!
    Enjoy your rest!

  10. hi mr ramiriyo
    i m very happy to have our own blog and that we can post. i hope it will be fun and every thing goes well
    by mr ramiriyo and see you on tuesdy


  11. Hi Rami

    I liked very much this idea of owr own blog.It will be very fun.I hope we have a blog with intresting games and things.
    What good photos Ramiro.


  12. hello rami,
    I like to have a blog for ourselves... it will be fun.
    federico j

  13. hello rami...sorry for posting comments so late...I wasnt allowed to use the computer...I think it is wonderful to have our own blog to share ideas and to do our own posts...I love the pictures you put on the post...

  14. Hello all 6BBBBBBB!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you all of you for commenting the first post in our blog!! How do you feel like?
    I have you to remember that today (Wednesday) I will count all the housepoints on the 2 posts, so the ones who didn't comment, I will suggest you to COMMENT!


    Ramiro Sa.

  15. An excellent blogger, Ramiro!