Monday, 25 May 2009


Hello everyone! I have got a great game
of similes. I hope you remember what similes 
are, any way I will refresh your mind. A simile 
is a kind of comparison; Ej: He is as slow as a turtle.
Well I hope you like the first game in our blog!


  1. WOW! What a great challenge, Martu! A great crossword on similes! All the best!

  2. Hello martu your crossword on similies was quite difficult!!! But your post was great!!!!
    See you
    Keep on posting on your fantastic blog!!!

  3. Hello Martu, I played the game, I left with a smile, because the word is very SIMILAR, jaja. Do you understand? I know that joke it is very bad, nobady understands it. I am a bit bad at this game of crossing words, but I could to it a little bit with a bit of help, in home.
    OUR blog is great...keep on posting
    meli b

  4. Hello Miss Martina (jaja):

    I really liked the first game in our blog. I think that the game is a little bit difficult because it could be many answers. Also what you can do to guess the word is to type each letter and guess, but I really liked it.

    See you tomorrow,

    Ramiro Sa. 6B (ex publisher of Bumble Bees)

  5. Hello Martu,
    The game was very nice funny and good but it was quite very difficult. But allthow that I could win!! and complete it. The post is very nice and good!! But from were you took the game?? and the idea of the game??

  6. Marrrrttt, What a great game, really loved it, a long time had passed since I did not enter this OMG blog! It is gorgeouss I am so happy and I don't know why but this game made me remember my simmilies which I had forgoten jajaj but this game was fun! Welll whatever, nicee post and agian I will repeat, loveeed the game

  7. Well, thanks to all that have commented!
    I have realized that this game can be quite difficult because there were many options but it's good to try it, and at least remember what similes were. Because we have left similes kind of in the past so i wanted to everyone remember what it was, i think i did and if i didn't i'm sure that this year we will keep on revising them with miss ale...
    Thanks again to all that have commented!!

    Martu.P ( POSTERRR)