Friday, 22 May 2009

Did you like it??

On Wednesday we had the "25 de mayo" ACT.
How did you feel in the act? Did you like it? Why?
I had a great time and I liked it a lot... 
What about you?


  1. Martt, I loved the act, it was very cute! jajaj What I best liked, was that we enjoyed it, or at least, I did enjoy it as it was our last act in PRIMARY apart from the concert well Martu lovely post! Delfi

  2. Hello Miss Martina (jaja),

    I liked it very much the act. I think that this act was one of the longest and funniest of all, I really liked it. I saw your mum with Olivia's mother and Malena's too. I hope you can post great posts,

    Ramiro Sa (ex publisher)

  3. Hello Martu, I liked very much your post and now I remembered that on Monday is (EL DIA DE LA PATRIA), what fun!!! I think on that day we have to put an escarapela and the person who sees it, is going to think that day it was an very IMPORTANT day. I think that is very good!
    Martu very good your post, because it remembers to all, that on Monday it is a very important day
    thanks a lot!! and (FELIZ DIA DE LA PATRIA)!!!
    OUR blog is great...keep on posting
    ps: next post is main!!!
    meli b

  4. Martu I liked alot the act!
    I had a lot of nerves when I had to sing alone!!!
    The idea of the post is great...
    Buee, I dont know what to say but thank you MARTT
    Love alot
    Celii P

  5. Hello Martuu!!!I loved the acto...especially because I could see you all and I had great fun talking in the microphone as a conductora...I almost burst into laughing when some boys started saying:dont satnd in front of me!!I cant see!!!
    Love u

  6. It a good post snd it was a good show too

  7. Hello Martu
    I had a great time in the act, I loveed it!! I felt nervious because the lights were pointing at me when I had to sing alone and when I had to talk with the microphone. Also becuase all the students and parents were watching me and my parents were taknig photos and filming all the time.
    Miss Ale, I have a question, Did you changedthe date??? It is URGENT! Please answer me back!!