Friday, 22 May 2009

Hero and celebrity VIDEO!

I'm sorry for posting late,

Here I have a video similar to Miss Ale's blog.

What you have to do is to guess the heroes and celebrities,

and then classify them according to 

 hero or  celebrity!

I hope you like it...


  1. Ramiro now it was my turn to post!!


  2. Martina, never mind! And besides he is apologizing for posting late!
    Ramiro CONGRATULATIONS on your excellent production! A very good idea!!!!!
    Enjoy your rest!

  3. Hello Ramiro I so the post it was great!!! and us you said it is very simmilar to Miss Ale´s post. I liked very much the song of Lettit Be.
    I laughed very much on the part that it said, by Ramiro, director Ramiro, ect, it´s fantastic!!!
    OUR blog is great...keep on posting
    ps: next time I post!!!
    meli b

  4. hi rami i saw the video and it was great with all the actors and allot of people more
    by rami and happy weekend


  5. Ramiro,
    I liked this post a lot it was a great video.. I can't believe you did it all alone, i tried but i couldn't. Later on you can teach me how to do it please. Well i think there were more heroes than celebrities in the video which is great because we are really focosing on the heroes! I liked a lot the last part that said director: ramiro ....:ramiro indusrty:ramiro and bumble bees!!

    Good Byeee


  6. Hello Ramiro, I can't believe you did this alone!!! It was amazing !!!
    Now I will tell you who were the persons I could identify:-Charly Chaplin-Nico and Cielo of casi angeles-The pope-Bill Gates-The one of Wal-Mart-
    Mahatma Ghandi-Napoleon Bonaparte-Brad Pitt-Obama-and Michael Jordan, those were the ones I could remember !!!
    Keep on posting this fabulous posts and you will all go far !!!
    Domi from 6c

  7. Great post Rami! It is amazing that you could do this on your own, you really took advantage of everything, like the proverb but of tecnology! I am proud of this blog being ours because it is WONDERFUL, i hope it is like this till the end of the year, that would be simply GORGEOUUUUSS! Well everyone, see you on TUESDAAAAYY!

  8. Hello all the students who had entered the blog (and Dominique'), thank you for all of you who had commented in my post. You will go far!

  9. Hello Rami:
    I think the video you did is just wonderful!!!As Delfi said,It is amazing that you could do this on your own!!!!I love the way you did it...and with those characters its is easy to understand the difference between a hero and a celebrity...thank u

  10. I've seen the video and I have the answers in the computer.
    Mateo N.

  11. Hello Ramiii
    I recognized only some or few people. I now Obama is a Hero because he is a president and he did changed in the world. Mar and Nico are celebrites of casi angeles. Mahadma Ghadi is a hero. And the other ones I didnt recognized them.