Tuesday, 30 June 2009

More about the Winter Holidays!

Winter Holidays! are coming soon!
As you were informed by Maru, the winter holidays MUST be one week more, but in one case of one school, they decided to leave the holidays how they are. St.Andrews Scots School can also decide to leave the holidays how they are. So don't get so HAPPY yet because we don't know nothing. If the school enlarge one week the school , (I heard) that the school would take out our September holidays.

So, now PLEASE answer this questions!

* What do you prefer, one week more on Winter holidays or September holidays?
* What do you think about closing the school? you wold make the things they recommend us to do or you would not?
* You would make all the homework the teachers gave us?
* Would you miss me? I'm going to NORWAY!
* And the last question Chan Chan Chan . You liked me post?, me too

I hope and pray the you liked my post!
Lots of Hugs and Kisses! and I would miss you all A LOT!
I can't send a mail from NORWAY because we can't use computer!

Lots of loves Natalie.P

Winter Holidays

Hello everyone!,

Do you know that winter holidays are going to be one week earlier?

They are goimg to do this because of SWINE FLU

Do you think we are going to have homeschooling??

Would you like to have homeschooling

Do you find it difficult?

Do you prefer having school??

Please comment on this post as it is very inportant

xoxox MARU.S

Monday, 29 June 2009

Show or Tell?

Hello everybody, this week in class we were learning about the differences between showing or telling, to keep on practicing, you can comment this post showing the following sentence: "Mary was tired".

Your Personal Hero

Hello everybody, as you know we will have to be writing about our personal heroes, if you haven´t decided about who you want to write about think about the following things.

*Why do you consider him as a hero.

*Do you have an anecdote you remember about him.

* Remember that something very little can be considered as a heroic act.

After reading this, write a comment telling who your hero is and answering the three remarkable things above.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Tenses Test

Well Hi today Is my last day of posting!

I would like to talk some about today`s test!

Well I really studied and you?

We also know that today when we were in class some of our friends went to see Peter! why? (Please the children that went could you tell us what you are going to do!) Well AND Today they also informed us who the Main characters of the Concert are! SO very good for the ones that are main in 6B
They are:
Jero !!!! VERYY GOOODD!!
Viki!! VERY GOOD LADY jaja
BENJA!!!! VERY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!jajaj
Well I have some questions:
1) Was the test easy for you?
2) Did you practice?
3)WHAT is your role in the play?
Well kiss & hugs
see you
Oli P

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Global Collaborative Writing Avtivity

Hi Everyone !
How are you ?
Well I chose this topic because I thought that it is was very interesting.
You don`t know what happend to me .... Fiona sent me a mail saying :

"Hello Olivia

Thank you for writing in the Collaborative Story section of our blog (http://fionabeal.edublogs.org). We really enjoy working together with you in Argentina. Your teacher was the first one to tell me about Etherpad. You said you used Etherpad to write the clean copy of Martha’s café. What is the clean copy of Martha’s café? I would like to read that. I think it’s wonderful to be able to communicate using the blog.

Bye for now
Fiona Beal "

Well I have some questions for you!
1. Do you like doing this work?
2. What do you think of the story?
3. What part did you do?
4.Did you like your story?
5. Do you want to do another one?

Well Hope you like my post!
Remember to STUDY for the TEST! jajaj
AND GO TO : http://fionabeal.edublogs.org Fiona`s blog!
Well see you Tomorrow
Oli P

Monday, 15 June 2009

Winter vacations ...

Hello everybody ! How are you ? Hope you are fine just like me !! Winter vacations are coming soon, aren't you exited? I am so happy, because I need like a recess for all the har-work I've done and you too, so we all deserve them. Right? I would like to know where all of you are you going, or staying home , or tell me if you are going somewhere in an other vacation, but first. If you where planning of going to United States of America, you will be scared because of the case of, "Gripe Porcina". But what I think is that by time passes they would find the cure or all of the "Gripe Porcina" thing will just happen, so don't be afraid !! Here are some questions that I am going to make you, and please don't forget to answer them all !
. Where are you going on vacations? Are you staying here?
. If you are, are you planning to go somewhere in some other time? Where?
. What was the most fun holiday you have ever whent? Why?
Now I am going to answer them, and I hope that you answer them too !
1. I am going to the Bahamas.
2. Yes, I am going in december to some places in Europe, and some parts of Asia !
3. I should say the place I mos like, was Paris, I had a great time because every morning I would eat pancakes with Nutella !! And becaus it is my favourite city !!
Thats all .
Hugs & Kisses,
Ceeli P.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Martin Luther King's, "I have a dream" speech .


I think what Martin Luther King did was amazing, he fought for the rights of dark-skinned people, he had the courage to do that, and I don't think a lot of people could be as brave as he was. Thanks to Martin Luther King we all live in a better world where white people and dark-skinned people can be together like in a team saying : "We are all the same". I admire him a lot and that is why this post is in his honour.
While watching the video you can answer this:
. Do you think he did something brave? Why?
.If he hadn't fought for the dark-skinned people's rights, how would you imagine the world now a days?

I hope you like this video and start admiring Martin Luther King as I am . Hope to see you next week because I miss you a lot !!
Have a terrific day,
Ceeli P.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Who do you think....

Who made the greatest change in the society for good?(Your opinion)
Madre Teresa
Martin Luther King
Neil Amstrong
Albert Einstein
Cristiano Ronaldo
Britney Spears
Zac Efron
Angelina Jolie
pollcode.com free polls

Hello 6b ! How is your day so far? Hope you're having a great time !!

Throughout this post you can vote the person you think made a great change in society (for good). When you choose someone you have to leave a comment saying who you voted and answering these questions :

Why did you choose that person?

What changes did that person make?

Have a great day and see you in 6 days !!!

Ceeli P.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Martin Luther King and Louis Braille

Hello 6th!!
I can´t do more than 3 comments so, in one comment I am going to explain you a little bit of Martin Luther King and Louis Braille, so you can get to know whothey were. I am telling you about them because in the book that Miss Ale told us to read I read about Martin Luther King. Iin the biography we are doing in Google Docs, I wrote about Louis Braille. I want you to give your personal opinion of each of the two Short Stories.

Do you know that Martin Luther King gave the first step to NO RACISM!?Because a white girl left the seat of the bus to a black man. So, they put the innocent girl in jail. So, Martin came as brave as he was and said that he wanted black and white people to go on the same bus. There were lots of disagreements so they didn´t want to be together. They started to put bombs in the churches and in houses... I am not going to tell you what happend because you have to read the book...!

In addition Louis Braille got blind, playing with his father´s dangerous instruments of work. Because one of the instruments got into his eye. So, he was as optimistic as he is, and invented an alphabet for blind people with six dots. Then, he loved music so, he also invented the music notes using the six dots of the alphabet. He thinks that for blind people it is easier using his fingers to touch, than any other thing. If you think that it is interasting, only read the book.

Now answer this question:

. Have you ever been a hero? When? Why?

I hope you enjoy this post as much as I have enjoyed doing it!

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Which Hero or Celebrity are you?

Hello Year 6th again!!

In this post, you have to tell me which Hero do you prefer and who would you like to be. You always have to give reasons !! Ok? The heroes are:

. Nelson Mandela
. Ann Frank
. Mother Teresa
. Louis Braille
. Martin Luther King
. Mahadma Gandhi

Or if you prefer being a celebrity. Why? The Celebrites are:

. Marcelo Tinelli
. Martin Del Potro
. Wandannara
. Messi
. Susana Gimenez
. Paris Hilton

Friday, 5 June 2009

No School!!

Hello Year 6th!

You know that lessons were suspended because there was a case of Swine Flu (Gripe Porcina). For some people it's great not having school, but for others it is not..
I challenge you to answer these questions.

. Do you like the school being closed? Why?
. What do you prefer, being at school or at home, doing homework? Why?

. What do you think of Swine Flu?
. What do you think you can do to prevent it?
. What do you think of Home Schooling or Educación a Distancia?

Remember to give your answer!! I hope you liked and enjoyed my post!!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009


CISV is a type of campament made to stop the wars in the world .This was created by Doris Allen.She was born on October 8 in 1901 and died the 7 of march of 2002.This Campament is made with many kids of the same age from different countries and it is always in summer.In my case 13 countries with 4 children each will go and we will be speaking in English all the time.Here you make games to see other countries' culture and type of being.

CISV meaning:Children´s international summer village, which then changed to Building Global Friendship
I will go to Lyon,France on the 2 of July.

What do you think about it?
Would you like to go on a camp? Why? Where?

Answer to the riddle!

Hello everyone!


Hope you liked the riddle


Monday, 1 June 2009

Do you know?

Can you guess who said this:

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent"

I'll give you a hint, it was a very important woman, who I admire! Hope you guess and remember, if you know the answer send it to my mail.
Lots of love