Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Winter Holidays

Hello everyone!,

Do you know that winter holidays are going to be one week earlier?

They are goimg to do this because of SWINE FLU

Do you think we are going to have homeschooling??

Would you like to have homeschooling

Do you find it difficult?

Do you prefer having school??

Please comment on this post as it is very inportant

xoxox MARU.S


  1. Hello Maru,
    You could do it! I helped you and helped you till we could do it! Yes, they say there are going to put a week more,but, they are going to send us home scholing because they cant givelike that another holiday week! I would not lik to have homeschooling that week, because I want another holday week! I dont find it difficult, to do homeshooling, it is the same! Only, that you odont have a teahcer adn you have to be all the time in the computer. Yes, I preer having school, because there I am with friends!
    Wel, Bye

  2. Hello Maruuu!
    What a great and interesting post. I wasn't informed that we were going to have one week before the holidays, really i had called Delfi to know how she was feeling and if she was going tomorrow to school and she told me that on Thursday and she also told me that there was a rumor of the vacations, but i didn't know it was concrate! As I always read the other comments, just to have fun, i could tell Belu understud something worng, we are having vacations one week before but then we are comming one week before back from our vacations!
    I do not think will we have homeschooling because we are going to have our vacations. But maybe after the holidays we might have homeschooling, if everything is the same of bad when we come back.
    I like homeschooling because we can sleep at the time we want and we can wake up at the time we want. But i also think is bad because we are having this because their is a great sickness which is killing lots of people.
    I do not find homeschooling difficult at all, really i think it is better because maybe if you don't understand something and your teacher is very slow to give an answer we can check in Google. Really i think it is good because also your parents can help you and you can get organized to do everything like you want and you don't need a timetable.
    I prefer having school because i can be with friends, and that means that there is no sickness or it is not afecting so bad as before... Also it is good because the people of school are like your family, imagine not being with like your cousins or aunts!!! Ja Ja
    Now i know why you say to answer is so important, it is because you wanto to know what people think about what is happening in social reality, and you also want to know (i think) if people think the same things that you do!
    Well I hope I answered well to your questions,

  3. Hello Maru!
    Well yes I did know of the swine flu .First I was watching casi angeles and when It`s finish I see some of the Week News . Did you know that in Perganmino the cases of Swine Flu had doble in only 2 or 3 days. I thik this of closing the school is a good idea on because we dont have school no that is good because this will do the people to have more carfull. But I dont

    undestand one thing is grate we are taking care of ower selfs but this is in a part good an in other no because the shoppings on Capital and the cinemas and the bar`s or all public places on Capital are going to be open, that dosen`t help at all because as people are board at home they go to the shopping and to all public places.
    Well really I think that the week that we should have school we are going to have homework because this is not a Holiday because all this
    closes to take care of ower salfs
    Well I dont like having homeschooling because thay give us much more homework and the most important I cant see me friends

  4. Hello Maru, yes I new holidays are going to be one week earlier. We are going to have less homeschooling than before. I would not like to have homeschooling. I find it difficult, because they give us a lot of homeschooling and I don´t have time to finish! I do prefer having school, because I can be more time with my friends and we don´t have to do work at home.
    Maru, your questions are great!!!
    Go on like that! And your post is very original, too!
    OUR blog is great...keep on posting
    meli b