Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Global Collaborative Writing Avtivity

Hi Everyone !
How are you ?
Well I chose this topic because I thought that it is was very interesting.
You don`t know what happend to me .... Fiona sent me a mail saying :

"Hello Olivia

Thank you for writing in the Collaborative Story section of our blog (http://fionabeal.edublogs.org). We really enjoy working together with you in Argentina. Your teacher was the first one to tell me about Etherpad. You said you used Etherpad to write the clean copy of Martha’s café. What is the clean copy of Martha’s café? I would like to read that. I think it’s wonderful to be able to communicate using the blog.

Bye for now
Fiona Beal "

Well I have some questions for you!
1. Do you like doing this work?
2. What do you think of the story?
3. What part did you do?
4.Did you like your story?
5. Do you want to do another one?

Well Hope you like my post!
Remember to STUDY for the TEST! jajaj
AND GO TO : http://fionabeal.edublogs.org Fiona`s blog!
Well see you Tomorrow
Oli P


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  2. Hello Olivee,
    I hope you were able to do everything you needed with my profile, and i hope that your profile starts working again! Miss Ale: I had to lend Oli my profile because there was a problem with hers, i hope there is no problem about it!
    I am very excited to look well at your questions and answer them, with my TRUE thoughts. Ja Ja...
    I really liked that you got in touch with Fiona Beal and that you started your own comunication with her without it being compolsury or even mensioned in the class..I also think that it was a great idea that you mensioned the stories of Martha's Café. And also it is a great idea the one of Fiona, showing her our stories of Martha's Café, because maybe she could do that in her class also!
    These are my answers to your questionss:
    1.I liked a lot the one of collaborative stories, yes i love it, i like using technology to keep in touch with others. And i think it is very interesting to do the stories virtually with people we don't even know! Also we learnt other vocabulary's and much more tips and ideas for our stories!
    2.I liked a lot the idea of my story, it was very well prepared and it was very well told, and that is how we could undertsand what the other children who had written this wanted the story to look at. I felt my group was very creative and they liked mystery and terror stories! Ja Ja...
    3.Oli everyone did the same part, the final part, but i could say something about that. Vicky.M first finished like the plot, then i started "The Gran Finale" and Ceci.F finished it completly!
    4.I really liked my story it was very descriptive, creative and you could feel the actors feelings... I really liked the mentallity of the South African and Canadian children, i could feel we all connceted!
    5.I would LOVE to do another story with them.Because i liked a lot the first story we wrote and the second one so i think the third one will be great also! But i also think tha maybe we could do another project with Canada and South Africa, something different, like i sugested Miss Ale, we could do like an "AMIGO INVISIBLE".

    Well your post was great as all the other ones! It made me think a lot and i felt very confident in what i wrote, keep on posting all these great ideas you have... See you on Wednesday


  3. A very good idea for the post! I'm proud of you!

  4. Oli:
    Very good post. About your questions,
    1) I like the idea of this project
    2)My part of the story was the last one
    3) I would really like to do another INTERNATIONAL story!!!!!
    See you later
    pd: I dont know if I answer the questions in the right order but......well, i dont remember the real order....jaja
    Bye bye

  5. hello oli:
    I liked a lot your post. about the questions,
    I liked a lot doing this project, it is very interesting sharing ideas and stories with other people in the world.
    I liked a lot the stories that they sent to us, even if they have different ideas than us.
    I did the plot and the ending in the first story, because I did it at the same time with Luli M. (because I had to do it with her). And in the second story I did like something like a pre ending and Luli did the ending.
    I liked the story because I didnt have to invent it(even if I like inventing stories), but all the stories of the other people "drove" me to a different ending.
    I would like to do another one because I liked sharing a story with other children on the world, it was a very interesting project for me.
    very nice post!!!!
    sofi 6c

  6. Oh thenks to everyonee!
    I posting of Martu`s blog because I had Problems with mine jajaj
    Well Kipp Comenting jaja and I will POST in a wile
    see youu ! oli

  7. Oliii,,
    I was very proud of you asking me for my profile!! Ja Ja... You can do it wenever you wantt (just ask mee) LOVEE YOUUU


  8. Pandaaaa,
    I loved you post because when I asked you what you were going to post you told me "mmmmm I don know", and now I anderstand why yo didn't wanted to tell me, becausee you wanted me to see it heree, well now I am going to answer the questions
    1) I liked this project because it was with people that we don't know of other countryes , and we can saw how they write and with wich
    bocavulary. It was very nice the idea of Miss Alejandraa and of Fionaa, because without them we would loose such a good expeiriense.
    2)I loved my firs storie because it was about 2 (traviesos) childs, and I was very (traviesa) when I was smaller.
    3)I had to write the end of the storie because I was the last one of may grup that entered etherpad, so I had to write a good ending.
    4) Yes, I would love to make another one because when I have nothing to do i open that fantastic page and I make the gorgeous storie the other world childs invented.
    5) I would love to make another storie en Etherpad because the stories we soesn't have to inventi it, they write the idea of the storie and we after made the rest. But one time I would like to start the storie us, and they have to finish it.

    Bye I love your post and PANDAAA, you too!

    kisess & hugss

  9. Hello Oliivia!
    First, before of reading the post, I saw that Martu was the one that had wrote the post. Because always, I have the tic of seeing always first the name of the author and when I saw that Martu was. I thought that Miss Ale, said to Martu to write a post, becuase there was no one who was posting. But then, I realised that was Oli's post! Weel, the post is great and very creative, you did the same thing that Meli and Martu did the other time! It is a great TEAMWORK!
    1 I really like doing theese work because we can share ideas with VIRTUAL friends on other places of the world. First, we had to write with South Africa's students! Whoaaaw! A very good idea,I was surprised. But then when they said us that also with Canada's students, you will imagem how happy I put! I really liked working with other people because I could see how they write, express there ideas and the most important thing, what they like to write, ebcause I imagen that as the Collaborative Writing is free, they write what they like!
    2 My story was very funny because it was a girl that was in mmiddle of now where and she founds a smelly thing... I wont tell you more so you read it! The ones that wrote it are very good writers, I admir them, because they wrote whta I really like to write. Of suspense! As, we are studing in Lengua.
    3 As, we had to do the final part, because South Africa's students started it, Canada's students continue it and then we fiunished, I did hte first part, then Maru the second one and then I finished it with you, Oli, because she didnt really unserstanded the story so we did them together that part.
    4 Yes, I really liked the story because it was creative, imaginative and I really enjoy it writing it and sharing the goods thing of writing. I really really, but truthfuly looved it. We are going to have the best story!Jajaja JOKE!
    5I really woyld love to do another one but we add another country so its South Africa, Canada, Argentina and the place that wants to join our collavorative story. If they want to do another one with us, they are really invited to give them to us so we do it. But now I think that we have to change and we dont have to do it the fianl part agaiin now, we have to start it or do hte middle. But the finall no because as we have the oportunity to write one, we can change of place! That is a good idea!
    I think that the idea of putting a post of the collaborative writing project is very very important fo us and teachers. The post is great Oli! Congratulations!
    Beluuu D

  10. Hello Oli, your post with your questions are great!!! Now I am going to answer them.
    I loved doing this work, because now I have new ideas to make a story and also, because I could know antother people from Canada and South Africa, (Miss Ale, stuck on the wall of the school the photos of the children of South Africa, Candada and ours, that was great!).
    Their stories were very creative, and I would never start like that a story, but not because I don´t like it is, because I would never have an idea like that, but I am going to start storys simmilar to that ones.
    Male, Sofi and I, wrote the last part. It´s like if only one person write it, the three parts are perfect!!!
    I loved my story it started pretty good, perfect!!! It was very original and we wrote a lot. I liked it really much.
    I would like to do anotherone, but with more countries, that would be great, don´t you think so? Trying that all the parts are made by an only person, (for that you have to put all your effort on it, so that it looks perfect), jaja.
    Oli, I answered all your questions, I hope you enjoy reading my answers, because I loved answering your questions, thanks!!!
    ps: sorry I didn´t commented, I was very bussy
    meli b

  11. Oliiii!! how nice is the mail!!! Fiona is very kind...isn´t she? Here I will answer each question:
    1) I LOVEEDD doing the collaborative writing...it always does...I think it is funny to share stories with kids we don´t even know!!!
    2)My story is GREAT! It was very creative and I had a lot of fun doing it...
    3)I did the first part of the end and it was fun!!! I loveeeedd ittt
    4)As I said like 2000 million times I LOVEEEDDDD A LOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT the storiesss
    5)Of course I want to do it again I have a lot of fun doing stories when Im boredd!!!!