Thursday, 11 June 2009

Who do you think....

Who made the greatest change in the society for good?(Your opinion)
Madre Teresa
Martin Luther King
Neil Amstrong
Albert Einstein
Cristiano Ronaldo
Britney Spears
Zac Efron
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Hello 6b ! How is your day so far? Hope you're having a great time !!

Throughout this post you can vote the person you think made a great change in society (for good). When you choose someone you have to leave a comment saying who you voted and answering these questions :

Why did you choose that person?

What changes did that person make?

Have a great day and see you in 6 days !!!

Ceeli P.


  1. Hello CELI i voted Mother Teresa
    because I think that she made something
    really good for the society of Calcuta
    Well see you
    Olivia Pando

  2. Hello Celi,
    I voted to Mother Teresa becuase she did a great change for the society becuase if she hasnt ever did that, no one was going to do it. I chose it becuase she did a great act for the SOCIETY by saving other persons life that were disttroid by illness or sicknes..for peopel on Calcuta. SHE IS GREAT. She did people think better and aprouch with what they have and dont say that they want any thing more becuase there are people that dont have what they have!! That person made a great change for good because she helped other peoples life !ANd made people THINK BEFORE THEY ACT! This post is very interasting CELI, great job. i really enjoy it answering the questions because I had a lot of things to say, but as it it to long I had put the important ones!YOU WILL GO FAR! As Miss ALe says!
    Beluuu D

  3. Hello Celinee!
    I have voted Albert Einstein because he was the one who most changes did (at least for me) even he didn't help poor people and had a great heart (like Mother Teresa) he invented one of the most used things of the world, the light bulb, if he didn't discover that now we could have been in the darkness with candles all day and night!
    Can you imagine life without light? I don't!
    He invented the E=mc, which measures mass and energy.He also gave some ideas for the first atomic bomb, that also was good, but also bad because now we have atomic bombs that can kill a whole region!
    Well anyways i think Albert Einstein has made a real revolution on our world and he is a real role model!

    ps: I love youu very good post celineee your bf martt

  4. Hello everybody it was a very good coment I found it difficult to decide in beetween Mother Teresa and Albert Einstein but finally I decided to Albert.Please keep doing this coments.

  5. Hello Celi!!
    A very creative poll!!!! Wow! It's very difficult to decide. But for me Mother Teresa for her good heart and good sense of charity!!
    You will go far!!

  6. Dear Celi,
    I choose Mother Teresa because she changed the lifes of many people in her or his last days. She was a very good person because she changed the lifes of many people by bringing them(the people who had LEPRA)to a better place were they gave them: food, a roof, water, and many more things.
    Mateo N.

  7. Hello Miss Celi (jaja):

    I think that the post is great, I really like it.
    I voted for Albert Einstein, I think that he is the best choice.

    Good Bye,

    Ramiro Sa. 6B

    P.D.:Remember there is an an I-phone below all were you can hear music.

  8. Hello Celi, your post is great! I love to vote.
    I voted Albert Einstein, because he did I great change on the world, on a good way and thats why we are more avanced with the tecnoligi. He discovered something sientific. The mayority voted him!!! I liked very much your post!
    OUR blog is great...keep on posting
    ps: go on like that!!!
    meli b

  9. Heellllo Ceeli,,
    I voted for Albert Einstein!!!
    If I would have voted for the second one I would voted for Luther King because he is very important because he said the black people had the rights as white people. I asked my mother and she said she would voted for Luther King because he was against rasism.
    sofi b

  10. Hello Miss Celi,
    I have voted Mother Theresa, because she gave home to many home-less children, she helped or/and saved lots of people who needed it; it's a pity that she died...

    Joaquín S. 6°B

    P.S.: Keep on posting JAJAJAJA:)

  11. hello Celi,
    I like very much your post, It was fantastic!!!
    I vote MOTHER TERESA she was a very nice person with other people needed help!!
    a lot of kisses
    chiara 6C

  12. Hi Celi, I liked the quiz a lot, I voted Albert Einstein because he discover a lot of things related with maths. He was a hero!!!
    Nicolas 6c