Monday, 29 June 2009

Show or Tell?

Hello everybody, this week in class we were learning about the differences between showing or telling, to keep on practicing, you can comment this post showing the following sentence: "Mary was tired".


  1. Hello Alan,
    The post is great Ali! I had a really good time answeri these post! I can sho it by saying: She had a dinner with her famil and she slept at 2 o' clock of the morning andhad to wake up at 7. For school. When she came from school. She sat in her computer, becuause she had to do a homework. Beore she started, he put his head n the table and closed her eyes and started to think with her eyes closed! Then, her mind was ibn wight and she felt a sleep. I think I descrive it a lot and I passed!
    The blog is great!

  2. llo Aliii!
    What a great idea for a post, i would have never thought of it. I will tell you how i would show that Mary was tired; She started working on her asigment at 6:00 p.m up to 8:00 p.m. She is now studying for her test on tenses, which is very difficult and it is her final report test. Mary still needs to get some homework done but she doesn't feel she will ber able to. Her mouse is all wet because when drinking water at 2:00 a.m she spilled it. Now it is 6:30 a.m and she is sleeping on her breakfeast...
    Well i hope i have done my showing well!
    Good Byeee

  3. Hello Alan, I am going to do it.
    Mary was doing homeschooling on the computer, because her school closed from the gripe a. She was doing it when suddenly, she could see, because her eyes closed and she was sleeping. She was like that 1 hour, while her head was touching the enter and the computer also slept. It was 8:00pm. And she woke up at 9:00pm.
    It is incredible that three words can mean a paragraph!
    Alan, this post help us a lot to practise and to remember it!
    Your post was very original!
    meli b