Friday, 5 June 2009

No School!!

Hello Year 6th!

You know that lessons were suspended because there was a case of Swine Flu (Gripe Porcina). For some people it's great not having school, but for others it is not..
I challenge you to answer these questions.

. Do you like the school being closed? Why?
. What do you prefer, being at school or at home, doing homework? Why?

. What do you think of Swine Flu?
. What do you think you can do to prevent it?
. What do you think of Home Schooling or EducaciĆ³n a Distancia?

Remember to give your answer!! I hope you liked and enjoyed my post!!


  1. Hello 6th! I hope you liked my post! Remember to give your reasons!

  2. Hello Belu, yes, because you can sleep more time, but you have to be all the on the computer, because you have to see what work you have to do. I prefer being at school, because I am with my friends and if I have a doubt, I do´`t have to send a mail to the teacher, I have to put up my hand and wait that my teacher calls me. I don`t like the Gripe Porcina, because if you have it you can die. To prevent it, we are not going to put our hands on our face, mouth or eyes, take hell to school and put some every hour. When you go to the toilet wash your hands with soap and if there is not soap, say to the men of (limpieza), to put one. And if you see someone doing the oposit of that things say it to him or her. For me it is very good, because that is better that doing anithing, because if not, when we come back to school, we are going to forget about some things we learnt.
    Belu I answered all your questions! Your post is very original and good for us to realize what things we have to do and what things we don`t have to do.
    OUR blog is great...keep on posting
    meli b

  3. Meli,
    Great comment!! It si great, It seems that you did what you have to do!!Great Meli!!
    Keep on commenting in OUR blog! jajajaj!

  4. I thought it would be a good thing not to have school but when i saw all the homework we had i changed my mind.
    jero d.c

  5. Hello Miss Belen (jaja):

    I think that the idea of making this post was great, I really like it. Here are the answers to this post:
    1.I like it because now you can rest a little bit more, not exactly at 8 AM, but also I don't like it because there are a lot of homework more
    (more usually that what we do in class).
    2.I prefer both, because if your in school you ar with your friends and if you have a question, inmediately they can answer you, but also I like here because here you can decide what to do first and you don't have to worry about the uniform.
    3.I think that is a litle bit exagerated, because if every person who has Gripe Porcina we stay at home 14 days, we wouldn't be in all the year at school. What I thik they can do is to clean, 14 days without the person who has the fever, and all in school, at least they could let the class to be 14 days without going to school.
    4.I think that what we have to do is that everyone have to get a little bottle of alcholic gel and to check if everyone has put it.
    5.I think that this is a great idea, but what I think that has to change is that all the teachers has to put the homework in the link of home schooling because if not we have to check the mail, the pages on the school web page, the blogs, the wikis, etc.
    Well, I hope you like my answers, I really enjyted commenting and answering in this post.

    Good Bye,

    Ramiro Sa. 6B (ex publisher of Bumble Bees)

  6. i dont like to have school in my house because i get distracrted with the tv and with the computer games. well... i hope we dont have to do lots of omework..
    alan t.

  7. hello,
    I dont like to have school in my house because I get distracrted with the electronic games and the television.
    federico j

  8. Hello Belen,
    I liked this idea it was very simmilar to the one in Ale's post...
    My answers are:
    1.I like that the school has been closed because if the school didn't close we would get the gripe porcina because the little girl or boy would pass it to us!
    2.I prefer being at school doing homework because you can at least be with friends you can ask your teachers at the moment if you have a doubt, but in our houses not because we have to send the mail wait till the teahcer answers you, you can't be with friends. So i prefer being at school!!
    3. I think that the gripe porcina has took over us, there is a lot of cases here and it is very dangeorus. But i also think people started taking to much care to that and they dont even think in the dengue,or sida, or cancer. For me it is just a sickness like anyother, but it is very contageous!
    4.To prevent it we have to clean your hands a lot of times per day, when you cough you have to cough on your arm or hand and you can use "ANTI BACTERIAL". These are some of the preventions i thoughtl.
    5.I like this idea of the schooling education because we are not going to get lost in the middle of the year because a gripe, i feel this is very good also because if they didn't do this we would have to stay in December or un July or in September and i wouldn't like that at all!

    Well i think i have finished anwering your questions and you made a lot of questions that made me think a lot and really see if i would like to be home schooled for a long time, i wouldn't!!!


  9. A very creative and excellent post! Very interesting comments! Now enjoy your weekend, as more activities are awaiting for you next week!
    Lots of love

  10. Hello Martina and Miss Ale,
    THank you for posting, great answer!!! Well, now another comment will be appearing, comment!! ajaja
    Happy Weekend to all of you!! Beluuuu

  11. Hello Belu, thanks and how I said it is very good your post! jaja
    OUR blog is great...keep on posting
    meli b

  12. Hello belu first I thought it will be beter but it wasnt more homework no explnations and I cant go whith many friends because of the gripe so Im in my house at the computer
    great post
    kisses olib


  13. Hello Meli and Oli of 6a!!
    Oli I am verry glad that people of other classes comment in my post! And Meli you are a great Queen Blogger!! jajaj

  14. OH!! I forgot about Rami, Jero, Ali and Fede!!
    I am so so so sorry... I didn;t notice that you had commented... Great job!! It seems that there are DIFFERENT POINTS OF VEIW! Great Job!!!Keep on
    Beluuuu D 6B

  15. I think it is good and bad to have home-schooling because you can sleep a lot but i like more the organization of the school. But I prefer being at school because I can see you (my friends) and that is the most important thing

  16. Hello Vicky! Great Job! Keep On.. that is great... Were are you?? In Carilo?? Thank youuu! BELUU

  17. I really think its better to be at school why should we work in a computer if "we are ill" of gripe porcina, we should be in our beds not here.
    Mateo N.

  18. Hello Mateo,
    I think it is a great personal opinion. But that we are at home doesn't means that we don't have Gripe Porcina.. But great PERSONAL OPINION! Great JOb!! Here it seems that there are many PERSONAL OPINIONS, that that is what I was looking for.. and i GOT IT! Great Job and thanks!

  19. Hello Miss Belu
    What a great post!!
    I think home schooling is good in a form and bad in another. I like it because school stars and finishes at the hour you want.You can organize yourself, doing one day alot and other very much.It also is bad because you have to be allways on the computer.


  20. Hello Luuki! Great Idea!! Thank youuu very muchh! But, REMEMBER WE AREN'T IN HOLIDAYS, as many teachers say... Yes... it is bad because you have to be all the time in the compuuter! Great OPINION! Keep On! Beluu D

  21. Hello Belu, thanks you also are a Queen Blogger!
    the blog is great...keep on posting
    meli b