Saturday, 6 June 2009

Which Hero or Celebrity are you?

Hello Year 6th again!!

In this post, you have to tell me which Hero do you prefer and who would you like to be. You always have to give reasons !! Ok? The heroes are:

. Nelson Mandela
. Ann Frank
. Mother Teresa
. Louis Braille
. Martin Luther King
. Mahadma Gandhi

Or if you prefer being a celebrity. Why? The Celebrites are:

. Marcelo Tinelli
. Martin Del Potro
. Wandannara
. Messi
. Susana Gimenez
. Paris Hilton


  1. A very good idea!!! Belu
    I would be Mother Teresa preaching around the world and helping people in need in a non-violent way! Thank you

  2. Hello Belu, If I would be a hero, I would like to be Mother Teresa, like Miss Ale said, because she is a very HELPFUL person and I like persons like that. If I would be a celebrity, I would be Marcerlo Tinelli (if he is a girl), because I would like to be on the television and also because I would like to talk with a microphone and organize a television chanel.
    OUR blog is great...keep on posting
    ps: your post is very oringinal!
    meli b

  3. Jajaja tahnk you Miss Ale and Meli!!
    I also wanted to be Mother Teresa! He is helpful, preseverant and all the good words!! I loove you to comment in my posts! Our blog is great , as meli b said! ajajjaj

  4. I would like to do what mother teresa did, help people so that they have a better time in their last or lasts days. Because helping people is good. And a celebrty I would like to be messi because he's a very good football player and he is well known in early all the world.
    Mateo N.

  5. If I would be a heroe I would be Mother TERESA because is good a good person helpfull and all the good things a celebrity m m m m m...wait... i dont know if wandannara or paris hilton but not susana gimenez. You are posting many things keep like this
    xooxox martu.r 6a

  6. Hello Martu and Mateo.
    Thanks for posting! its great that people from other classes comment in my posts! i THOUGHT NO ONE WILL COMMENT BECAUSE FOR SOME PEOPLE THESE ARE HOLYDAYS!jajajaj! keep on!

  7. Hello Belu!!!!!My friendd!!!! how are you?? I think that Nelson Mandela is the best man Ive ever I think I choose himm
    thank you al lotttt i love you beluuu

  8. Hello Vicky,
    thank you for commenting.. great job. It is true that Nelson mandela is a great hero.. but yoy forgot to say wich celebtity are you!! KEEP ON.. BELU

  9. Belen,
    If i would have to be a hero i would be Mother Teresa, because she was very self sacrificing, she left her work to help all the people in need all around the world she walked and helped and didn't give up. She also has the greatest and lovliest heart i have ever seenand that's why i picked her.
    If i would have to be a celebrity i would choose Susana Gimenez because she has a very great show which a lot of people look at every single time (even mee) and i love speeking and conducting so i would choose her from here to China.. jaja... I choose her because she is a very good and funny conductor....

    byee.. Martu.P

  10. Great 6th.. All the persons chose Mother Teresa, even the boys!! That is great, because she is a great example!! keep on 6th...BELUU

  11. I think messi is the best there because he is a hero for argentines and for barcelona.
    Benja L

  12. Jajajajaj! Yes Benja!!jajajaj Great Fun! Messi isnt a hero... But great try!!! Very Imaginative! Beeluu D 6B

  13. Hello Miss Belu
    I think i would like to be Lionel Messi because he is dedicated to a very fun and good job and he wins alot of money by making a think that i enjoy doing. In other way i would like to be a hero, Mahatma Gandhi. I would like to be Mahatma Gandhi because of all his heroic acts and all the people who belived in him.

  14. Heello Luuki!
    Yes, thats true.... Mahatma Ghandi made many heroic acts.. And all the boys are going to put Lionel Messi because they loove playing football and becuase they loove that football player!! Great Opinion Luuki!! Jajjaja! Keep On! Beluu D

  15. Hello Miss Belen (jaja):

    I think that the post is excellent. If I wanted to be a hero, I will like to be Mahatma Gandhi because he made lots of things for human rights.
    I also agree with Luki that I will like to be Messi because he wons a lot of money in a sport he likes doing and which most of the people like.

    Good Bye,

    Ramiro Sa.

  16. Hello Rami, Great personal opinon! I thinkk that you are write..Mother Teresa is a great person! I say you! Even the boys thinkk that mother teresa is teh best! becuase she is! KEEP ON!

  17. I chose martin Luther King because:In 1964, King became the youngest person to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for his work to end racial segregation and racial discrimination through civil disobedience and other non-violent means. By the time of his death in 1968, he had refocused his efforts on ending poverty and opposing the Vietnam War, both from a religious perspective. King was assassinated on April 4, 1968,

  18. Hello Tomas! What great information that you found in interneet, I think so! But great, it seemed that you were interesting in Martin Luther Kiing, becuase of his preseverance and all he did for teh NO RACISM! As, I explain you in the last post I did! Keep On! Remember that I dont read no more comments! NO MORE! Because the days had ´past!