Friday, 12 June 2009

Martin Luther King's, "I have a dream" speech .

I think what Martin Luther King did was amazing, he fought for the rights of dark-skinned people, he had the courage to do that, and I don't think a lot of people could be as brave as he was. Thanks to Martin Luther King we all live in a better world where white people and dark-skinned people can be together like in a team saying : "We are all the same". I admire him a lot and that is why this post is in his honour.
While watching the video you can answer this:
. Do you think he did something brave? Why?
.If he hadn't fought for the dark-skinned people's rights, how would you imagine the world now a days?

I hope you like this video and start admiring Martin Luther King as I am . Hope to see you next week because I miss you a lot !!
Have a terrific day,
Ceeli P.


  1. Hello Miss Celi (jaja):

    The post is great. I really like it. Here are my answers:
    1.I think it was great what he did,I think people have to be equally in importance because we are all people.
    2.I think it will be a disaster because there will be a lot of wars.
    I really like the video, it was excellent.

    Good Bye,

    Ramiro Sa.

  2. A great post!!! Did you hear all his speech? It's fascinating!!!

  3. Hello Ceeli P,
    I looved the video!! It was very interasting what he was saying about the RACISM! He is very important, to you Celi and me because I also did a post on him..but also of Louis Braille taht invented the blind alphabet and if he hadnt invent it...who is going to invent it?? That is a really IMPORTANT question! These post is very interasting becuase he did a relly important thing that changed a lot the society!Yes, he did something MORE than BRAVE because he didnt know how they were going to react! ALL THOUGHT THE COURAGE HE HAD...he didnt know if they were going to react badly, happily of agressive.. but hten he thought that what matters if I try?? So he tried but he couldnt but he did the first step! I think that if he wouldnt did teh special thing he had done! All these would be a disaster! The wars that happened years ago, they were going to repeat and never end. Also, the world was going to break in half and one half is for black people and another for white people becuase they dont know that they are the same! Only, what it changes is the colour... but doesnt matters! Great post Celi! I am also FAN 1 OF MARTIN LUTHER KING! I am with you!
    Keep on

  4. Hello Celi, WOW! that video was amazing! I thinks that King did something brave, because on that time, a person would´t stand up there to say that black and white men are the same and that we can be best friends if we gave them an opportunity. If we didn´t gave each other an opportunity, there were things, that mabye on that time we didn´t new things that helped us to live better and that is very good! Because if we grouped each other we can do a better world and even NOW we can do a better world, so we have to start thinking about what we are going to do when we are eldest, (the exersice of "all about me", that Miss Ale gave us to read, it is a good exersice, to know what we are going to do when we are older).
    OUR blog is great...keep on posting
    meli b

    what a great post you have done!
    I can tell that you had to have a lot of effort!
    This video was very inspiring and i liked it a lot, not only because this person made a diference in life but also because the speech was encouriging!!
    Well i think that Marthin Luther King did revoultion the world, and maybe this is the best revolution because i can not live in a world with racism if i would have been as brave as him i would have done the same thing because that is the most honorist thing i know (between others ehhh) well i think that if Marthin didn't do this now we would be very bad people, worse than what we are now!!

  6. hi celiii.

    this post is exellent and its great what martin luther did and he was very corageus because he had the coraugeous to stop the rasism and thats great!!
    anyways thats not all he did more things and i valorate that