Sunday, 7 June 2009

Martin Luther King and Louis Braille

Hello 6th!!
I can´t do more than 3 comments so, in one comment I am going to explain you a little bit of Martin Luther King and Louis Braille, so you can get to know whothey were. I am telling you about them because in the book that Miss Ale told us to read I read about Martin Luther King. Iin the biography we are doing in Google Docs, I wrote about Louis Braille. I want you to give your personal opinion of each of the two Short Stories.

Do you know that Martin Luther King gave the first step to NO RACISM!?Because a white girl left the seat of the bus to a black man. So, they put the innocent girl in jail. So, Martin came as brave as he was and said that he wanted black and white people to go on the same bus. There were lots of disagreements so they didn´t want to be together. They started to put bombs in the churches and in houses... I am not going to tell you what happend because you have to read the book...!

In addition Louis Braille got blind, playing with his father´s dangerous instruments of work. Because one of the instruments got into his eye. So, he was as optimistic as he is, and invented an alphabet for blind people with six dots. Then, he loved music so, he also invented the music notes using the six dots of the alphabet. He thinks that for blind people it is easier using his fingers to touch, than any other thing. If you think that it is interasting, only read the book.

Now answer this question:

. Have you ever been a hero? When? Why?

I hope you enjoy this post as much as I have enjoyed doing it!


  1. A very well thought post!
    You will go far!
    Love from
    Miss Ale

  2. Beelu,
    I have never been a hero to help ALL the world but to help friends or family I had been ! Ive help some people, from keeping my friends out of teacher trouble, be there for them when they need someone etc... Belu I didn't talk to you lately ... BUT I WANT TO ! please be online on msn or facebook,
    Ceeli P.

  3. Hello Miss Ale and Ceeli, I am very gald that you comment in one of my 3 poosts! ajajaj you are one of the first ones!! You will go veery far! Miss ALe, thank you veery much!! jajaja... Are we going to do again the round of the posts because I want to post again! It seemed it addict me...jajaj. Celiii thank you to you also, I think that you were a hero many times, because when yolu help other, friends or families. You could be a heroo... I don`t care you are famous or not... YOU ARE A HERO! Byee.. BeLUUUUUUUUUU

  4. HI BELU

    well including you im like the 4 one i love your post i learnd a ñot i think like celi i didnt help so much but i help friends to solve problems.

    xoxox ,martu.r 6a

  5. Hello Martu,
    great! I loove people of other classes comment in my posts!! You will go far!! and you are one of the few first ones that comment iin my post! Thank youuuu

  6. Beelu, I lovee your post and most of all, the questions which made me put my thinking cap! Well I think I am a hero to my pets, because I feed them, take them for a walk, play with them but I do not know if that is to be a hero, because a hero is Marthin Luther King or Jorge Newbery. Well I will try think if I am a hero in another way and I will let you know!

  7. Hello Deelfi,
    Thank you very much.. but only for your dogs you were a hero/??????I don;t now... jajaja! Now with all the work they send us from schooll you have to ware all the time the THINKING CAP! Good job!keep on!! BELUUU

  8. Hello Miss Belen (jaja):

    I like very much the post, it's very interesting.
    I knew that Martin Luther King made thing like that, but I didn't know that Louis Braille had made that, it's really amazing. I have to admit that I don't remember know how I'm a hero now, I will put my thinking cap. I really like the post, it was really interesting. BEFORE I FORGOT, I WANTED TO TELL TO ALL THE VIEWERS OF THIS BLOG, THAT THERE IS AN I-PHONE BELOW ALL THE POSTS WHERE YOU CAN HEAR THE MUSIC WANT!

    Good Bye,

    Ramiro Sa.

  9. Hello Beluu!!!
    I love that you speak of people that did such good things!!! Martin Luther King is a real hero!!! I think Ive been a hero by being my cousin's example and not doing naughty things(great effort)jjajjajajajaj and also when I was good to a friend and did everything for that friend to trust in me that I would do anything that he or she ordered( I think you know that well, belu)...that made me feel special and a hero...I think that these heroes that miss ale gave us to read are very exciting and the things that they did we took them as examples and, look! here we are, speaking of those who changed this world into a better one!!!That phrase makes me feel special because it makes me think I can really change the world!!!
    belu I love you a lot my friend...send me a mail and lets talk!!!
    thanks a lott

  10. Hello Vicky and Rami! Thaank you for posting!! You are one of the famouse people that always comment! jajaja! Yes Vicky I remember all the times that you had been my hero and for many people... Rami and Vicky, thank you for posting.. Great job.. KEEP ON! BELUUU

  11. Belen,
    I liked the post a lot, it was quite interesting all the things you wrote and that you didn't tell us the ending so it gave us intrigue to read the story now i am going to read it i am printing it....
    Well i think some time i might have been a hero for a friend but not for all the whole wild world. Maybe i helped her or him when he/her was hurt or for somebody not to get made at him/her, but i also know hero's of the class who have helped me a lot of times, like Meli, Sofi, Vicky and a lot of girls more who have really helped me in the ggod ones and in the bad ones!

  12. Hello Martina, I think that many more people helped you.. and as you say, Meli and Vicky and Delfi, oli and Celi were the one that helped me more, many more girls that now don't come to my head. YEAR 6 KEEP ON POSTING!!BELUU

  13. Belen,
    I know much more girls helped me. Those were the ones who have helped me mostly, but there are other girls like;
    Male,Celi,Oli,Delfi,Cata,Maru,Nati and Vicky and all of them have ALWAYS been there for me and i will always will be there for them because all of them are my bestest friends and i love them all like i hope they love me and they would do a heroic act for me... I can remember oli very well when something very bad happened to me she was always there for me, and recently something happened and Meli did one of the greatest things someone ever did for me!


  14. OK, OK.. You had allready said in the other post who helped you. 6th YEAR KEEP ON!! Beluuu

  15. Yes i know but i just wanted to complete what i had said before and i also wanted to put other persons and talk abou them too, sory if it bodered you Belen... I just wnated to be nice...

  16. Ok, Martina, its Okay... It didn't bored me. I just wanted to say you that it wansnt neessary.. but great you had completed what you wanted to say!.. KEEP ON!Beluuu

  17. Hello Belu, your post is incredible! One day I was a hero, becasue I helped somebody with her or his work, I don´t remember who. I did that a lot of times, but that day I helped that person a lot! I didn´t told the answers I helped the person to undrestand very clearly what he or her didn´t understand. But know I remember who it was, it was my sister! Usully, she never likes me to help her, but that they yes, it was a MIRICLE!, jaja. Belu the two informatinons that you did from those two persons are bridliant! It is very good that you had the necessary time to post theree posts! I didn´t had time and also I could´t do it, because my computer was different.
    OUR blog is great...keep on posting
    ps: go on like that Belu!!!!
    meli b

  18. Meli, Thats true! You helped a lot of people! And so do I! Thank you very much! Keep on!