Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Tenses Test

Well Hi today Is my last day of posting!

I would like to talk some about today`s test!

Well I really studied and you?

We also know that today when we were in class some of our friends went to see Peter! why? (Please the children that went could you tell us what you are going to do!) Well AND Today they also informed us who the Main characters of the Concert are! SO very good for the ones that are main in 6B
They are:
Jero !!!! VERYY GOOODD!!
Viki!! VERY GOOD LADY jaja
BENJA!!!! VERY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!jajaj
Well I have some questions:
1) Was the test easy for you?
2) Did you practice?
3)WHAT is your role in the play?
Well kiss & hugs
see you
Oli P


  1. Hello Oliviaa!
    I really truthfuly liked the comment a lot! Yes, congratulations to all of them that are main characters. I am not one, but I am a lady that sings with Mrs Blossom that is Belen Sackman, I am part of the Circus. They called me after the verb test at the last hour. I think that the concert is going to be fabulous! Of all they told me! I also studied for the test very much becuase in the excersices that Ale gave us, the note wasnt so good, so I put all my effort to study and study and I made a goal, I wish that it makes real! For me the tesat was easy because I studied, but they were people who hadnt studied so the test wasnt easy for them. I wish that it went good to me! Oli, Ale said that tomorrow they were going to give it to us! OHHH!
    Beluu D

  2. Well I think That , of dancing with Belu Is great Beluu !! jaj AND i hope that you toke a good mark ajaj see you
    kiss oli

  3. Hello Miss Oli (jaja),

    I really like the post it is very interesting. Here are my answers:
    1.I think that the test was more or less easy, I had dump answers, because I put in someones the word "have" when it wasn't suppose to put it.
    2.Yes I really practice, and I think that if you have entered and do what the posts of Miss Ale said, everybody practiced.
    3.My role in the play is that I'm the one who is always with General Bellows (Marcos Trebino), I have to be always with him, and I have to wear a band to take all the hair near to the "nuca". I think that the play will be excellent!

    Good bye,

    Ramiro Sa. 6B

  4. Heeelllo Olivee,,
    What a creative and great post! It was very good that you did like a 2x1, because you put to ideas that happened the same day at the same time in one same post!!! I can tell i studied A LOT... Because i did well on my test...
    I studied for three days!! I know it seems impossible but i did! And the results were quite good... i got an 8,50... I know i could have done better, but well i passed and i'm proud of my note, because i know i deserved it.
    Well after finisjing the test i was one of the girls that were called out to go see Mr. Peter... He told me i was going to be one of the circus girls who danced with Mr.Blossom and i have to do a trick, i have to pick him up with Male,Vicky Insusarri and Clara El Mankabadi... It will be very fun and i'm very excited!!!
    On Wednesday we are going to have our firstt rehearsel and i can't wait, i want tommorow to be Wednesday...
    1.The test was very easy for me....But also it was also a bit difficult but it was like an excersise only that we couldn't talk!!
    2.I practiced a lot! I used a lot the blog, since there was millions of games and excersises to study on...And i also studied from my folder and the time word chart...
    3.As i have told you i am one of Mr.Blossom's "Dancers" and i am also a part of the circus which presents the circus and Peter is going to see if maybe my group will be doing "TRAPECIO" if we do that it will be very very fun!!!
    Once again what a great post!

  5. Hello Oli, the test was good for me, if you studied is easy, if you didn´t it is a bit difficult, I got 6,50. If I wouldn´t studied, I would have a 0,000 and thats to bad for me.
    I practice a lot!!! Thats why I didn´t got a cero in the test.
    My role in the play is a puppet, I think that I am a cow, because Peter said a cow and he looked at me.(I don´t know if because I was simmilar to a cow or what), jaja.
    Ok Oli, I answered your questions, there are pretty good, go on like that!!!
    OUR blog is great...keep on posting
    meli b