Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Harris Burdick's Stories

Hello everybody!
Im so sorry for not posting before, but my computer was without internet!
Well, as you know, in the class we will start writing our own fantasy story based on the images of the mysterious Harris Burdick. The titles of the images are:
-Seven chairs: "the fifth one ended up in France,"
-The third-floor bedroom:"It all began when someone left the window open,"
-Just dessert:"She lowered the knife and it grew even brighter,"
-The house of Maple Street: "It was a perfect lift-off,"
-Mr Linden's Library: "He had warned her about the book. Now it was too late,"
-Another place, another time: "If there was an answer, he'd find it there,"
-Under the rug:"Two weeks passed and it happened again,"
-Archie Smith, boy wonder:"A tiny voice asked, 'Is he the one?'"

Which do you think was the most interesting picture?
Which picture will you choose to write your fantasy story?


  1. Vicky, I loved the post. I really liked this new way of writing based on a picture. Really I do not know which one to choose yet, but I am sure that for tomorrow my choice will be done. Well please keep posting

  2. Viikk
    I think tjat the best picture was the one with the wallpaper of birds and one is missing.
    I dont really know which onee... I wwill choose tomorroow,
    keep on posting they are great!
    Big KIssse.
    your BFF

  3. Delfi:
    Thank you! I like writing with a photo too! It is really impressing what you can do with just looking at a picture!
    Kisses and see you tomorrow,

  4. Ceelii:
    That picture is great! I LOVE it! I hope you do well tomorrow!!

  5. Hello Viiiixxi,
    Weel, I am like Celi, the one I most like was the one of the wall of a bedroom and one bird is missing and other one is trying to leave! Like half way stuck and the otehr one no! I am going to choose the stoyry of -Mr Linden's Library: "He had warned her about the book. Now it was too late,"
    Kisses Belu D

  6. Hello Mis Victoria (jajajaj):

    I like this post, I find all the pictures very interesting but I'll choose the one of Archie Smith.

    See you tomorrow,

    Ramiro Sa.

  7. Dear Belu:
    I am sure that the story you will write will be great! The picture is one of my favourites and is VERY scary, which makes me love it!!

  8. Hello Rami!
    The one of Archie Smith is veery interesting. Even if the picture doesn't say much, the little part that Harris Burdick has written is very open and great to make it into a story!
    See you tomorrow,

  9. Hello Vicky, the picture more interesting for me is the one who said and now it was to late or something like that. I didn´t do it, because I new I was going to need more time, so I did the one of the seven chairs. I like working a lot with fantasy and writing stories about them.
    Vicky, your post was great, because it has to do with what we are working in Language.
    OUR blog is great...keep on posting
    meli b