Monday, 7 September 2009

The forest is claiming back its land.

Hello after long time of "not blogging " I have a new idea.

I think you'll wonder, why I wrote about this? Do you understand what I say?
On Sunday I went to Uruguay and to Punta del Este. There I saw my new tennis court, but I found a little defect. The tennis court had leaves from the trees of the surroundings. The leaves had left marks with the shape of leaves on the surface of the tennis court. I suppose the trees wanted revenge because we cut many trees to build the tennis court. I think the trees wanted to get even with us, don't you ?


  1. Wow! Mateo, it must have really shocked you!
    This blog is also to include reflective posts, so well done!

  2. Hello Mateo,
    Haha,I am with you, theat is the idea that you present that they want reveng, and as they can't talk! Very Good! Verey CREATIVE!
    Belu D

  3. Hello Mateo,
    I think that we should take care more of our world and that leaves and trees shouldn't want to take revenge because we shouldn't cut trees. I think that this post is very realistic!!!!
    Very well done
    See you tomorrow

  4. hello mate for me we have to take care very much about the trees and forests ian

  5. Hello Mateo, I didn´t understand your post, if you could explain it at school it would be grate!
    OUR blog is great...keep on posting
    meli b